UPCOMING EVENTS: Friday, April 7, Parent Coffee Hour @ 7:45am Friday, April 14, Good Friday, NO SCHOOL Friday, May 12, Parent Coffee Hour @ 7:45am Monday, May 26, Last Day for Students

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April 7
Parent Coffee Hour

April 14
Good Friday

May 12
Parent Coffee Hour

May 26
Last Day for Students

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Fundraising Information

We wish to keep parents informed about upcoming fundraisers.

  • PTO: PTO fundraisers will be announced during the school year.
  • Magazine Literacy Drive: The kick-off dates for this fundraiser will be in August; however, the magazine drive is active throughout the year. During the two week kick-off, students are eligible to win prizes for their sales. Online sales are available at the QSP website: www.qsp.com all year! Already have a magazine subscription? Consider RENEWING online. Our school ID number is 425065237. Magazines, books, and cds can be purchased as gifts throughout the year. Our school earns 40 percent of all sales! Proceeds are used to support literacy programs such as Accelerated Reader and Teaching with the 6-Traits of Writing.
  • Book Fair: Two book fairs are held annually. The fall fair will run in September; the spring fair will be in March. Parents who are interested in helping with the book fair should contact Regina Furukawa, Librarian at 421-4183.
  • Boxtops for Education: Boxtops are collected in the PCNC Office. Boxtops are worth 10 cents each and can be redeemed for cash or educational products. Click here for a list of boxtop products (pdf).