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Student Services Coordinator (SSC)


In 1999 a Student Services Coordinator (SSC) position was established at every DOE school in to provide a single point of contact for students, parents, teachers, and other concerned parties to address student concerns. In turn the SSC ensures that every student has the opportunity for a free and appropriate public education. The SSC coordinates resources and services to support student achievement for all students.

When your child begins to experience academic, social, emotional or behavioral difficulties, always consult with your child's teacher or counselor first. Often adjustments can be made in the classroom to support your child. If the concern persists, the teacher will confer with the Student Services Coordinator (SSC) to seek other appropriate accommodations, interventions or services to help your child succeed.

SSC services include:

  • Serve as a link for parents of children ages 3 to 5 when these children may need testing to determine possible special education preschool services.
  • Guide parents and teachers through the process of obtaining accommodations
  • Assist parents in a timely manner with determining and providing appropriate special education services for students who are eligible for special education services.
  • Participate in Project ASSIST, a partnership between Tripler Army Medical Center and DOE, to better serve military dependents who are in need of clinical evaluations for specific medically related conditions and those in need of medically related services in fine motor and gross motor skills.
  • Provide information about community services, either State or private, that families may qualify for such as Easter Seals, DHH, respite, support groups to name a few.
  • Contact previous schools for additional information and records with parent consent on a case by case basis.
  • Set up transition meetings between schools when students with special needs are graduating from Grade 6 or transitioning to another Hawaii school to ensure a smoother transition.
  • Provide additional copy of confidential records for parents to hand carry to their next duty station to expedite the continuation of services.
  • Participate in workshops presented by the Military Child Education Coalition.

Please call our SSC Mrs. Merrill Uno at (808) 421-4193 if you have any questions.